Class Descriptions

Below is a list of various classes offered at Elite Academy, along with detailed descriptions. If you would like more information regarding class schedules and tuition, please visit the Schedules and Tuition page.


ACT English Clinic

Students:             Grade 8 — 12

This course is aimed towards achieving an ACT English score of at least 30. Intensive instruction will be given in major English language concepts (grammar, idiom use, diction, sentence structure, paragraph structure, rhetorical expressions, and revisions). This 6 week course will have weekly in-class quizzes to test grammatical skills and weekly vocabulary homework to rapidly familiarize students with commonly used ACT vocabulary words. The classes are divided by school GPA and ACT/SAT.

ACT Reading/Writing & Science/Math Clinic

Students:             Grade 9 – 12

This course is aimed towards achieving high scores on the ACT Math, Reading, Science, and Writing sections. Through intensive drills and training, students will be taught techniques and strategies to handle even the most difficult questions. Class sizes are small. Students will be accepted after confirming their GPA and test scores.

ACT Test/Explanation (for ACT Test in July, September & October,2018)

Students:             Grade 9 – 12

This course is designed to achieve high scores in the English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing sections of the ACT. The course focuses on building upon strengths and correcting weaknesses by carefully analyzing student performance on the practice tests, as well as discussing proven test-taking methodologies and strategies. Six practice tests will be administered under realistic test taking conditions to identify individual deficiencies on the test, and to predict future performance on the actual ACT. After an initial placement test, students will be placed into classes along with other students sharing their similar scoring range. New students to the ACT are encouraged to take ACT English Clinic I or II, ACT Reading Clinic, or ACT Math/Science Clinic in order to further develop their skills in specific sections.

College Application Essay

Students:             Grade 12

This course is designed to assist students in creating successful applications to gain admittance to the top colleges in the United States. Through personalized advice and in-depth consultations from experienced writing tutors, students will crate a minimum of ten essays that are tailored for a specific college.


SAT II  Subject Test (For SAT Subject tests in Fall 2018)

Students:             Grade 9 – 12

To gain admission to top colleges, three SAT subject tests with scores above in 750 are highly recommended. The SAT Subject Test classes will instruct students on how to achieve these scores. Class sizes are small. Students will be accepted after confirming their GPA and test scores.

Math Science History : Head-start for the Fall

Students:             Grade 8 – 12

Head-start Class during the Summer for preparing school class in the Fall. Small group of students with similar academic achievements.


1:1 Private Tutoring

Students:             Grade 4-12

A customized private class to achieve top scores on the ACT / SAT / SAT II. Intensive class work under experienced tutors and frequent counseling with parents and students will enable students to see results quickly.