About Us

Elite Academy offers students of grades 6 through 12 classes in English, Math, Science, Counseling, ACT, SAT, SAT II, AP, and College Application. We maintain small class sizes in order to maintain a quality learning environment. We communicate with parents to ensure the coordinated efforts between us and parents for their children’s college preparation. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us discuss your child’s college preparation.

Administrative Support

In addition to tutors equipped with efficient teaching methods, Elite Academy maintains constant communication with parents and students regarding the students’ college prep progression, and their strategy for college applications in order to maximize the end result-college admissions.

Schools Attended by Recent Students

Air Force Academy, Boston U., Boston C., Bowdoin, Brandeis, Brown, Carnegie-Mellon, Case Western Reserve, Colorado C, Cornell, Dartmouth, Davidson, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, Illinois-Champaign, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Middlebury, Naval Academy, Northwestern, NYU, Oberlin, Pomona, Princeton, Rice, RISD, Stanfor,d Syracuse, Tulane, UC-Berkeley, U of Chicago, U of Notre Dame, U Penn, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, West Point, UIC-GPPA