Marilyn Educational Testimony

Prior to attending Elite Academy, my son Michael reviewed for the ACT exam using several different methods. Despite the expenditure of time and money, after months of preparation, he was unable to score high enough to be competitive at the top five colleges on his list. However, after a few weeks of preparation at Elite Academy, he achieved a score of 35.
Hyonggun Choi’s teaching methods are unlike any others in our area since he allows each student the opportunity to excel. The group sessions are small and the tutors are successful students themselves, always of the highest caliber. Additionally, Dr. Choi reviews each student’s strengths and weaknesses throughout the program, tailoring the teaching to focus on areas where improvement is needed. Due to consistent testing and progress reports, students are immediately aware of their progress and realize that their efforts are being rewarded with results. Since each student is treated as an individual, higher achievement becomes a reality rather than just a possibility. I recommend Elite Academy without reservation.
Lake Forest, Illinois

Michael Educational Testimony

I was not the average student when I sought help from Dr. Hyonggun Choi’s Elite Academy. I came into the program with a 32 composite score on my ACT, an A-average GPA, and a laundry list of extracurricular activities. Most of my peers wondered why I wanted to spend my summer afternoons taking practice tests and reviewing information that I, compared to other students, did not really need. As a prospective applicant to Ivy League schools, I always explained that I did not want to leave anything to chance. With so many intangibles involved in the decision process, the last thing needed was a score which, by their standards, would put me in the middle of the pack.Dr. Choi respected my concerns, and he promised me on the first day that the Elite Academy would live up to its name. Dr. Choi trains and employs students from the top universities in the Chicagoland area, most notably Northwestern and the University of Chicago. He is meticulous in his teaching philosophy. He emphasizes patience and constructive criticism from his tutors, and he urges his students to take the initiative to improve themselves inside and outside the classroom. Dr. Choi understands that a lasting education requires collaboration between the pupil and the teacher, and his tried and true practices are imparted to everyone that comes to the Elite Academy.When I took the ACT again, my scores in each category improved by several points. I received a 35 composite score, with a 36 in reading. As a rising junior at Yale University, I credit Dr. Choi and the Elite Academy with helping me confirm my academic excellence when I applied. While I have always believed that it takes more than grades and test scores to earn admission to the United States’ top institutions, Dr. Choi got me in the door, and I am forever grateful for the help I received.

Michael Educate
Yale University, Class of 2011